The Degeniverse is expanding. We are the Degenerate Trash Pandas. A collection of 20K cunning critters that live for one thing and one thing only: To scavenge the blockchain.

Inhabiting their own underworld society, the Trash Pandas are governed by no individuals and live by no rules. What they have though is their trash, and their trash is their treasure. They’ll do whatever they can to get their little paws on it, even if it means befriending an Academy of oafish Degenerate Apes.



Because Trash Pandas and Apes have a symbiotic relationship, every Ape holder will receive 1 Candy Machine token per Degen Ape that they hold, unlisted. That's right, 1:1. You can then redeem these tokens to adopt your trashy little pals. More details on this below.

Holders of Apes or Trash Pandas will receive the utility benefits supplied by the other. But not only that, holders of both simultaneously will receive their own unique rewards. These multi holder benefits will be added to over time.


Lets scavenge

‘Trash with Frens’ is a first of its kind game on Solana, developed exclusively for Trash Pandas and Degen Ape holders. It introduces the PANDA token as a medium of exchange within the game.

Apes and Pandas will be able to scavenge on collectible map tiles for treasures that can be used as items in later mini-games, as well as the PANDA token itself. In turn, they can use their PANDA token to explore new tiles, and thereby collect them. Tiles will also contain explorable buildings with higher quality treasures that will require a good combination of Apes and Pandas to conquer and exploit, but watch out for enemies that may lurk within! Holders will also be able to combine tiles across many wallets for highly efficient scavenging and to collectively explore buildings that cross multiple tiles. These map tiles will be completely configurable and will be generated from a creator UI where interested builders can make their own map NFTs to sell.

TLDR: We’re going scavenging bois.


(But used properly)

Wen? 14th of November.

A snapshot of ape holder wallets will be taken 6.9 days before the fair launch on the 7th of November. Write it down. Don't forget it. Heck, get it
tattooed on your forehead. If you forget to delist and aren't included, YNGMI.

The fair launch (FLP) price range will be announced in the lead up to the drop. The Trash Pandas is what FLP was built for and we believe that it hasn't been used correctly in past drops. We will be looking to get true price discovery with this fair launch.

We will be allowing one bid per wallet and a bid fee of 0.2 SOL will be applied to avoid botting. These funds will be donated to charity following the launch.